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OUTRGS stands for quality items that have their own unique design and is produced as environmentally friendly as possible. The fashion industry is known as a polluting industry in its traditional way of producing. Therefore, OUTRGS is working closely within the industry with partners who have the same sustainable mindset.  We want you to use our items for longer. That’s why we focus on our own beliefs and styles and are not joining today’s trends. We instead intend to create our own long term trend. We want to give you your very own fashion style. Something that will help you stand out from the crowd, something OUTRGS. OUTRGS items are unique and made of eco-friendly fabrics such as bio-cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester, and we are constantly exploring the possibilities of new and unique fabrics. Items which are durable and can be worn for several seasons, due to its timeless design and high-quality standards; a sustainable item!

* Production of quality items
* Eco-friendly production
* Eco-friendly fabrics

These three elements are where OUTRGS finds its sustainable factor.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) & Control Union Certified

The Organic Cotton yarn used in our knitted sweaters is according to the Global Organic Textile Standards, GOTS and certfied by the Control Union. OUTRGS cares for the environment and we understand the importancy of this. As a small start up company we want to incoporate this mindset throughout the brand. OUTRGS will try to do its utmost to use more and more 100% sustainable fabrics in the future. Now we are already using Organic Cotton and Lyocell and we are looking for more possibilities for our future collections.

Let's care together.



Sustainable Fashion

Organic Cotton


Recycled polyester


Keeping our production locally in Europe already contributes reducing the global carbon footprint. OUTRGS does sell worldwide but our warehouse is in the Netherlands as designing our items also happens in the Netherlands. OUTRGS selected, together with Fous a Fous as our production partner (, manufacturers in Portugal which have a sustainable production method and using sutainable yarns. This way the logistics between the different parties can be reduced to a minimum. Our current items are manually manufactured and the labor conditions are at an european level. Knowing that our items are made of sustainble yarns, manufactured environmentally as possible and produced manually already gives it a good feeling without wearing the items. For now and the future OUTRGS will partner with manufacturers who understand the mindset of OUTRGS.