Who are we

Welcome to OUTRGS. A men's fashion brand established in 2020. So who are the persons behind OUTRGS? We are two friends, Stefan van Ruijven and Ramon Delgado. We have known each other for quite some time now and both share a passion for fashion. So one day we came up with the idea to join our interests and knowledge and start our own men's label. What makes us qualified? Stefan remains to this day, a professional photographer, specializing in portfolios for male models and fashion shoots for fashion- and/or life-style- magazines. Ramon has held a variety of positions within the world of multinational companies and is currently active in marketing. Together we have decided to embark on this outrageous path and follow our dream. The creativity, the business challenges, producing something we believe in, that is our motivation. We are sure that you will enjoy our product as much as the positive energy we have put into it, which is a lot! Wear OUTRGS with pride, with a smile on your face, being yourself and unique in your own way!

With a lot of passion.

Stefan & Ramon

How it all began

Work in progress

Our Mission

OUTRGS wants to bring more variation and exclusiveness into men's fashion; distinctiveness with a high standard of quality, sustainable and against a reasonable price.

Our Vision

OUTRGS delivers exclusive quality clothing for openminded men who wants to differentiate them selfs by wearing outrageous fashion. Our goal is to bring more variation in men's fashion and bring more distinctiveness into the market which is dominated by large multinational retailers. A strong brand name recognized immediately by its design and details and wearable for any occasion.

Our Motivation

Being unique in our design and branding. Making a difference in men's fashion for our customers who dare to stand out of the crowd and wear our items with pride.

Our Products

OUTRGS designs all products itself. Our manufacturers in Portugal keeps a close look at the quality of the fabrics selected to assure the high quality standard of our items. Our focus is on a high quality standard, eco-friendly fabrics and production all in line with the design of the different items.


OUTRGS customers are self conscious men who stand out of the crowd and dear to be themselves in every comfortable way. Men with interest in fashion, not the daily fashion but their own vision on how to look like and what to wear and when. Men with a sustainable mindset who care about mother nature. Confident knowing what he wants.

Our Partners

OUTRGS will be working closely with designers and manufacturers which understand the mission and vision of OUTRGS by delivering the distinctive design and details, high quality standard and sustainable mindset. Just to ensure that our customers wear outrageous clothing in which they can be proud of.